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Black African medicine was plagiarized by Europeans and Pepsi and coke eat a tooth left in a container of pepsi for 10 day


I always enjoy when the truth comes out.

That makes me think of some blind people.

It’s one thing to be blind. But it’s another

to be blinded by what the truth is. So therefore

knowing the truth is the best thing for life

especially health. ANd sometimes what people

don’t know will hurt like crazy.

First, the site goes into talking about

how coke and pops are bad for your health.

I’ve heard before from someone I know that

pepsi will dissolve a tooth if you put it

in it for 10 days. So it says imagine what
it must be doing to your intestines and

stomach lining. That’s a really good point

and perspective. And we know about how

people have a food contest to see who

can eat the most food? Well, someone did

a coke contest and drank 8 bottles of coke

and died from it. That caused the person

to have too much carbon dioxide in the blood

and not enough OXYGEN. It was suggested that people put a nail in a container of a Coke

just to see how long it would take to dissolve.

That’s why I’m glad I’m cutting down on pop.I have no problems with juices. I love juices.

ANd another thing pepsi does, it takes on

the role as a household remedy to clean

off dead car batteries and is required for

recharging those batteries. So if it does

that to car batteries, what does it do inside
the body?


Modern medicine is working to include

alternative remedies into treatment

modalties. Herbs and vitamins

in surgical mutilation, dangerous dugs,

toxic radiation, and chemotherapy

provides more advantagesfor modern medicine

than both the patients and medicine combined.

MOdern medicine is European/Western

medicine which is a perverted form and

distorted form of the African holistic/

medical technology. And realize this,

the body has more than 32 different


use one pulse on the wrist. Makes me

wonder, why is this?

The earliest documented

use of medical technology is from the

African books of 1550 BCE and 1700 BCE.

And like so many many things, the

EUROPEANS stole and mistranslated these

books quite like they did with the bible.

19th century practitioners treated

patients with turpentine, arsenic,

borax, sulfur,nitric acid,alcohol,

lye, iodine, Blood-letting and menstral

blood. FEw herbs were used to treat

diseases and injuries.

There were medical practices that were

used on Black Africans against their will

and these documents point them out:

New Orleans Medical News and Hospital Gazette (1860); James A. Tait Papers (Alabama State Dept. of Archives and History); Capell Plantation Diary (1857); Advice Among Masters, and Records of Dirleton (1853) by James R. Sparkman, etc.

The intent of Western/modern medicine

is to control holistic medicine. Modern

medicine practitioners get success, happiness,

income, good life of modern medicine by

dominating others especially Black Africans.

ANd this is through medicine.

The way western medicine expands

economic base is by using people that are

aware of and likely to be trying to get

natural health.MOdern medicine mandates

the drugs combined with herbs which is

accepted by those who like herbs.

These are the drugs that work against

melanin and destroy,modify,alter(Mutate),

the spirit, body,and mind and behavior

of members of the commmunity.

Modern medicine By itself is

losing money because so many people are

turning to herbal remedies. In order to

expand their market share, they are

increasing their use of alternative/ holistic

Black African medicine combined with chemicals


African holistic medicines have the

principles of Maat to make them what they

are and those principles: Harmonious living.

Black African science is like the ancient

Black Africans that it originated from:
galactic, solar, lunar, and earth,
rhythmic and cyclic.

THere are some people who give away

the Black African/holistics techniques to

Western science which is probably to get

equality among scientific predators.

There is a war on Black people through

food and Drug advertisements that feature

popular entertainers and athletes, toxic

images, music and media medicine; politics; and water, air, and herbs because of the SICK AND

TWISTED European domination and supremacy.

So the best way to help your health is to

get the Black African health and holistics
knowlege from our Ancestors.

The truth is like a meal, nourishing,

great, helps the body,touches the soul and

is food for thought. Just like the brain needs

food to think, the truth needs to be told.

I’m glad I found this information to be told.



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