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Black History site tells where AIDS came from! It was a lab experiment, that’s how it got made!


I don’t know how many people know where AIDS

came from. But i have found out. I was on the Black HIstory site looking through the many articles on Black History and all of a sudden I see an article on the Origin of Aids.But the Origin of AIDS comes from WHITE PEOPLE, yes they get the credit for this horrific
disease. That’s something they can have the
credit for.

SIV is the forerunner to HIV.So theingredients to AIDS is monkey meat with SIV.

That is because in African geographical

areas,the people who eat monkey meat with

SIV get HIV.

More than one-fifth of the monkey

meat sold in the markets of Cameroon is

tainted with HIV’s ancestor, SIV. Urban

growth has caused people to demand rare

delicacies which brings more and more

people into contact with strains of HIV.

HIV 1 and 2 comes from those chimpanzees

and mangabeys.

THey are saying HIV -1 got into

humans from chimpanzees of subspecies Pan troglodytes, which are located in equatorial West Africa, in Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.Source:…d_aids_come_from.htm


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