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Person in a forum says Black African man told her what to do to end ACNE!

Okay well, I know some people may doubt

what is posted in a forum but a person

says that a Black African man gave

her some soap and it cured her acne.

But for anyone who doubts, like they

say nothing beats a failure but a try..

I know sometimes certain products work
for certain people and does not work for
others. I wonder if this product works
for all people. But its worth a try,
and with the Black African History of
inventing so MUCH GREAT Things, that
makes it worth a try.

This person said they were instructed to

wash for the face for 20 seconds and breaking the leaf of the plant, rubbing the juice

on the acne. Then air drying. Next Rub

Shea butter on your skin. Last drink green

tea every morning.

The person in the forum says this

soap made by the Black nigerian

man does not dry skin as the person said

in the forum. This soap is found in an

African market.



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