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The Inventive Spirit of African Americans: Patented Ingenuity (A book about Black Inventors)


  Well, most of the great books I’ve seen about Black History, I have found

 on  Thank God for the way Amazon’s site is set up.

I just recently found out you can get the index of a book on the site.

Therefore, I know that this book talks about AFrica’s Gift to

America, Black women inventors, technological innovations of

Black people, medicine and health sciences of Black people,

Patents, the Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum,etc.

                 Imagine if books on Black Acheivements  and

Black History were talked about in schools. Imagine if this

kinda book were broadcast over the radio airwaves.

         Anyways, there is a list of African American inventors from 1790 to

today along with their patent numbers for their inventions. Books like that

make me think about my quote “The More knowledge I have on Black Acheivements,

and Black History, the more I feel my mind has been fed”.

This book gives details about Black inventors of all fields. It even

mentions that one of the inventions of the Black person is a portable

heart monitor. Many of the inventions of Black people ease domestic

life, improve safety of leisure activies, promote efficency of industrial

 processes. What makes this author stand out from the many authors

on Black History is that Patricia carter Sluby, a Black woman

who wrote the book is a registered Patent Agent as well as

a U.S primary patent examiner. She has written books like

Creativity and Inventions: The Genius of Afro-Americans and

Women in the UNited States and their Patents.

               I’m really happy with computers because of the information

they provide. It makes it easier to find books without leaving the house.



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