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While searching the internet for Black History information titled Black African HEalers, I discovered a post in a forum saying there is a cure for AIDS and its patent number! ( It is verified by the man who was cured from AIDS and wrote about a Book about the Origin of AIDS)


Well, another comment from a person in a
forum. Lets see here. It makes sense that it would notbe known since whites are on a Plot
do destroy Black people.
THe patent number is #5676977. The person said it was first tested inSouth America and MExico and was proven

to be a cure for AIDS. And wow! IT wastested on BOYD Graves and cured him.Boyd Graves has his own site
Here are the many ways to contact him about the cure for HIV/AIDS
US Cell # 619-849-9364
You  can get the same contact information here:

The doctor by the name of Dr.JEremiah Abalaka in Africa has the curefor HIV/AIDS virus and prevents peoplefrom contracting the HIV/AIDS virus.His private clinic is in a townshipoutside ABuja.IMmunax reverse AIDS SYMPTOMS. This product
was developed by African doctors. Like I said before I found this info in

a message boards. I would go to thatsite and also I’m going to do moreresearching/looking out for more onthis topic of the cure for AIDS.source: 





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