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State Origin : The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS (a book and where to buy the book)


 I’ve always wondered where did AIDS come from? Why do people have it?

Well now I know.  Everyone should know where and how it came into existence.

People who learn about it should go tell their friends and family. It would even

be great if the motivational speakers talk about this issue. Because silence is

what causes problems when serious and deadly issues come into play. Silence

can do NOTHING. THe more people to know the better.

                For sure, we know AIDS was a white invention . Yes, they get the

 credit for this deadly disease. It was a plot to kill Black people.  AN investigator

named Boyd Graves found this out.  The government, military, political, and

 medical industrial complexes has created this DEADLY VIRUS to kill

specific groups.We all know they mean Black people since there are so

many AIDS cases there. But as cowardly as they are, they try to go

and hide this evidence and be silent as a lamb. This book has 9 years

worth of research and flow charts that show the virus was mass

produced. THe book talks about the development of AIDS. THis book

talks about the court cases. The book has 259 pages.

            It’s so sick what people minds formulate like AIDS which is

so so sad. Time and time again they like to do stuff against Black

people. IT would be wonderful if those racists would all be contained

on one side of the planet and could not even be around BLACK people.

Where to Buy the Book:


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