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Egyptians are Black video-Black man talks about how whites chisel down noses of Black Egyptian Sculptures!


(Yes, the Egyptians are Black like me, because they are the real Egyptians. The pictures

of me in the EGYPTIAN HEADDRESS was taken by my mother  so I can put

them on my poetry book to come)

                   What I enjoy about this video is that it is all TRUTH. ALL over , fromevery angle.

This Black man tells it exactly how it is.  I was already thinking why do WHITES claim

Egypt? Black people are the only ones responsible for the creation of Egypt.

I was thinking all along that whites would never take time to create a sculpture

that looks like somebody black. You should even  see how the noses of

Black statues have been chiseled off. Oh, I saw the pictures. But more than

that, there are plenty of reasons why Egyptians are black like the melanin

dosage tests and many other facts found in the book “Blacked Out through

Whitewash”.  He talks about the Black Egyptians as wearing wigs.

He talks about how WHITES like to HIDE Black culture.





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