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Drugs Masquerading as Foods (A book by Dr. Epps aka Suzar) This book talks about how chemicals make foods dangerous and kill people!


                          I love to eat. A great meal can turn a boring day into something.

I thank God for food. My favorite foods are mash potatoes and gravy,

pizza, homemade nacho belle grande, tuna salad, barbeque chicken,

and some others. It’s a long list of foods. I found a way to cut back

on the sugar I consume. I do this with Crystal light.It taste good,

there’s absolutely no sugar, and only 5 calories in Crystal Light.

But enough about that. I will now go into what this book is


              Drugs Masquerading as Foods- It is a book that talks about how

they make foods kill people but chemical foods especially kill Africans.

This book goes into details about things like:

  •                     Fantastic facts about Melanin
  •                   How to eat wholistically, a return to African roots
  •                    Drugfoods are killer foods.
  •               Drugfoods are perverted from birth, sprayed with death, deadly

           from cooking and irradiation, embalmed and processed with poisons,

  •                         This book talks about farm animals being grown in and fed

                   poisons to keep their diseased bodies alive.

  •                            It also talks about the fact that humans suffer from the

                      same things animals go through.

  •                            Drugs do not do what they are supposed to do. Rather

               than heal, the only make symptoms worse, lower vitality and

              destroy vitamins and nutrients.

  •                  Drug companies are killing people with poisons and charging

a high price.

  •                       Foods are half dead and dying quicker because they are

cooked 24 hours a day in EMF radiations.



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