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This stuff from Africa looks interesting! It’s so cute, cute, cute , cute!


Africa has a lot of cool stuff.Art. Fabrics. etc.
 So its reallygreat to have things imported fromAfrica.When I got to the site about

African stuff, I read about something

I never heard of before.It’s called

African republic bath bombs. The African

Bath bombs. Drop the ball in the tub

(they are the size of golf balls).

The tub will fizz with oils and

fragrance. 5 minutes later you will

get the fresh and best scent you

ever smelled. They’ve got different

flavors like cherry,citrus safari,ocngoBongo, Blackberry, Lavender and EnchantedApple. Sounds like something that couldreally spice up a bath.There are different types of

soap they sell like:

Nubian Heritage soap with shea butter
Baby powderblack soap
dudu-Osun African Black soap
Black Nubian HEritage Ivorian cocoa Butter soapThe Black Nubian Heritage Ivorian
cocoa butter soap is the best looking
of the soaps. It is surrounded by
rocks with a marble soft texture.
THey’ve got lip balm,aloe butter,
shea moisture,
scented oils, and much


4 thoughts on “This stuff from Africa looks interesting! It’s so cute, cute, cute , cute!

  1. I actually work for a company that carries all these products mainly imported directly from Africa and all natural. I agree, these products are like nothing you’ve used before. Just amazing. Check it out. Africa Imports

  2. Wonderful! Just like I love my hair natural, I love natural products.

  3. Thanks so much for your comment. I would like to wear African attire one day.

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