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African American Theater Buildings -history of Black owned theater buildings !

Big tv

Well as we know, the news people only show
what they want to show.  Media people
should show more Black acheivements
but they don’t. It is as if you have to research
for yourself to see the great things black people
have done and buy the books about black history.
                       You have to be your own educator outside of the
schools that don’t teach real history.People learn
the wrong history in schools claiming whites
invented those things they did not invent.
               Black people invented so so so much.
               So if the schools don’t teach history
with Black acheivements, the school
gets an F for their racist miseducation
and calling it European history. HIstory
is Black History. Now about the book;
       African American Theater Buildings
This book talks about African American THeater  Buildings.
These theaters areNickelodeons, vaudeville houses,
musical houses, and neighborhood movie theaters.
THere were about 2,000 African American theater
buildings which many many people don’t even know about.
           The African American theater buildings
discussed in this book is from the 1900s to 1955.
Each of these black theaters ae arranged by
state and city. They have a street address and
dates of operation, number of seats,architect,
whether it was a member of Theater owners Booking
Association, the type of theater (nickolodeon,vaudeville,etc)
alternate name, race and name of manager or owner, etc.
         There is commentary by theater historians in the book.
This kinda book would be new information considering the
fact that They DON”T TEACH this. In reality, the truth
comes out somehow. I’m grateful to the historians
for their research on the authentic Black History.
            Url to buy the book:

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