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Black Man named Emmitt Muckles who wrote a book called “THe JOurney of ONE” talking about the keys to living the ultimate experience!


                        Well, I just met Emmitt Muckles, who is an author. It was

last Sunday on March 16th. We talked about that book “BLacked Out

through Whitewash”. He’s helping me to promote that book on Black

History. So that will be online I think.I’m thinking audio/video

advertise of the book. But you may have already seen a post

I wrote on that book. It’s going to be fun doing the video/audio

about it too.

  The  author  Emmitt Muckles wrote a book

on the JOurney of One ,whichis a shared expression of the rules of life

and self awareness. JOin Markus as the universe teaches lessons

of living the ultimate existence. He talks about the keys to

living the ultimate experience.

                  You can download the free ebook

source , you can order the hard copy or you can get a full copy of the ebook:


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