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Buy cds, books, cassettes to learn the Black African language Yoruba! Also,see a youtube video of people speaking Yoruba in a scene!

african art

Yoruba is a wonderful language.THe way I found out about it was through a Black

AFrican lady. She was talking to me in the yorubalanguage and explaining what the words mean in yoruba.

So that got my mind thinking about the language.

Learn the Black African language yoruba.

Talk now! has features like speak and repeat,

interactive games, digital recordings with

both sexes of native speakers.

Talk now runs on Macintosh and Windows Computers.It sounds like a fun way to learn and speak Yoruba.

This is the ideal thing for amateurs and travelers.

The topics in this are:

first words, phrases, food, shopping numbers, time and more

quick responses to the choices you make

You can even compare the way you say the words

to native speakers. by using the record button.Do easy and hard quizzes to test your knowledge

Play the memory game

MOnitor your progress and keep your score,print awards

Print a picture dictionary for handy reference.There is also cds and audio cassettees


Also, there is video of Black people acting
out a script and speaking in yoruba. They
provide the English on the screen:

african art


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