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Nappy Hair is Divine because it’s beautiful and its BLACK people’s hair-also Christ and Jesus are Black people with nappy hair!


                  ChiefLiberation on youtube is one of those guys who is a deep

thinker. He is pure genius.   I describe him as assiduous (hard-working) because

of his time he puts into his Black History videos.

           His video presents these points: 

                Find out what causes Nappy hair

               Christ, his son, and founders of world religions

have nappy hair. Having straight blond hair is Weak and limp

 like a bent straw.  This video talks about White folks taking things from

Black folks. Whatever we come up with they come up with

a white version of it. Whites copy so much from

Black people that if we wave our hands they

want to do it. If we make a footprint

in the snow, they want to step in our

footrpint. You should see the images of White

people getting dreadlocks. THey have straight hair, but

they want the NAPPY look because they know how

blessed Black people are to have nappy hair.

I dare you to go to  and see

how those white people wear dreads. Type dreads

in the box and you will see what i mean.

                  White people want to have what Black people

 have. That’s why they hate on us. We are not competing

against ourselves. The other race made it a competition between

races. We’ve got to stick together Black people.

         Nappy Hair is Beautiful. It’s sexy. It’s hip. It’s what’s in.

The media does not do a great job representing Black hair.

The media is a poor version of what Beautiful really is.

THey need to have more Black people on magazines.

When they advertise products, they need to show more

black people.  When you see a college brochure, they need

to show black images. When you see a homeowners brochure

they need to show more black images.


Galaxy Spiral

Dreadlocks Touch Up $45


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