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A Black woman named Sophia Stewart has ALOT of evidence that could put the copycats in jail for stealing her movies!! Sneaky Underhanded Lawyers moved the trial back so people could get away with stealing her movies Matrix 1,2,3 Terminator movie too!She has been interviewed about this on youtube!


             Thank God for youtube where peoplecan express themselves. At least peoplecan get the word out here even whenthe media and the press try to distortwhat people say.So here we have it, Chiefliberation,this Brilliant and very handsome Black

man interviews Sophia Stewart mother of theMatrix.She wants to sue WIkipediafor their lies. (Like I said, WIkipediais not credible) THere are lies sayingSophia Stewart did not show upfor her case. Defendants hired lawyers

and sent them to Sophia Stewart. These

same lawyers pretended to be on Sophia’s

side. They prevented her from going to

trial. The attorneys was supposed to

put the evidence into the court system.

Judge said her case would merit and would
go to trila in july.

Attorneys was supposed to do discovery

and disposition,movies and tapes and dvds

and scripts. There was ALOT OF Evidence.

The evidence was so so damaging they

would have gone to JAIL for theft.

These are words of Sophia Stewart.

Go listen to the whole audio, there’s

more she said.

She explains THe THIRD EYE.

It’s a really touching audio. I really

appreciate ChiefLiberation for doing

this audio interview with Sophia Stewart.

It is inspiration up and down, all around.


Jada Pinkett Smith’s Picture:



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