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More Great African products-jewelry, soaps, products

                  SON OF MAN

        As we already know, the Black African culture

 is full of arts and crafts. So I’m glad for sites that put

African products on display. THe Jewelry from Africans

is so stylish, it makes me want it right now.

         ON this site, you will see a Black King Tut necklace

and earrings. They have the cowrie shell necklace,

the cowrie bracelets and earrings, a Maroon Mask

necklace, a Nefertiti Beaded necklace and earrings,

Royal brass and copper jewelry set, stone bead bracelet,

two tone silver jewelry,etc.

            This site also provides more African soap.

They have Egyptian musk spray lotion, Jamaica Me Crazy

Spray Lotion (which has shea butter and aloe vera),

Strawberry Champagne Spray Lotion that gives moisture and

aroma, and Warm Vanilla Sugar SPray Lotion (I wonder if it

smells anything like a specific type of lotion that is warmed

in the microwave)

       But yes, the products on this site look really really good.

It’s definitely worth a try. They’ve got Black dolls

which more Black kids, people need to see images of.

So I’m very delighted with what I see on the site.



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