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Calling Producers, Chiefliberation, a black man on youtube, is offering to include people’s tracks on a mixtape, Great exposure, so if Interested check it out. Even if you not interested, you can still see him rapping lyrics and his Black history videos!


    Handsome Black man on youtube goes by the name of Chiefliberation

He is A Black man whose a great rapper. He has videos of the lyrics
he has rapped. He’s got so MAD SKILL. His rap is his craft. You will also
find that he has done Black History Videos. If you want to get on his
mixtape, send him your tracks. You will see him in studio at the mic
taking charge.  His rap lyrics speak LOUD like music at the highest
volume level. But anyways, you got tracks, and he has got
the set up. So it’s great way to get yourself more exposure.
The more exposure the better, because situations lead
to big opportunities.  If you have a track you want to
send him for the mixtape, be sure to send it to
             He gives this same information I wrote above
in his video at this url:
Be sure to click on chiefliberation’s link to go to his homepage.
He has quality videos of his rapping lyrics and Black History.

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