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Sista Souljah, The Black Woman Rapper displaying Black Pride in her lyrics! See her on youtube!


I love my BLACK people, that’s for sure.

The most beautiful,inventive, smart people

of the world who are so so GReat at everything

are Black people. I would now like to talk

about Sista Souljah’s video “THe Hate that

Hate produced”.

IN that video,They have a little meeting before

Sista Souljah starts rapping her music.

By 00:33, Sista Souljah starts rapping


Strong and confident as ever.

Sista Souljah does not hold back. She

expresses herself with so much dignity.

Her Black Pride is so strong, it

would scare RACIST whites. Sista Souljah

is my rolemodel. She saids she is African

first, Black first, and if her survival

means white destruction, then it will be

it. She talks about she is not here to

make WHITES comfortable in their

Stupid White supremacy.

My comments:

She takes

their white supremacy attitude and snaps

it in half like a pencil. I know

white RACISTS feel their ego go low

like the temperature of coldest weather.
She says

speak with authority and conviction.

My comments:

She is so so right, tell those whites

like it is. This is not their world.

Black people made this world, whites

live in it with us. They live off
the Black creations,inventions.

White supremacy

is just a mask for them feeling inferior,

that’s why whites use racist terms and

do racist things. That’s what

is said in the book “Blacked

Out through whitewash” It makes sense because

jealous people love to hate. They see

Black royalty and they FEAR It.



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