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Song about the cure for Cancer and Cure for AIDS (It’s hip-hop) Rap song tells you where to look up AIDS Virus PAtent number, tells you to WAKE UP!

             You like music? Well music has been taking to the HIGHEST Level

it could be in this message.

 HEre are the lyrics:

          Wake up people, get on the bus

 They got a cure for cancer, a cure for AIDs,

one shot in the arm and cured them of AIDs, gives you the information

THey created the virus to wipe you Negroes out

But ya’ll asleep so Ya’ll don’t hear what we be talking about

Wake up people get on the bus

Like roaches, they trying to exterminate us!

They got a cure for cancer, a cure for AIDS…..

             Comment: That’s a Cool song. It’s very life saving.

WHat a wake up call! TOo bad, not everyone knows about

this. This knowledge should be passed on like money is

passed through the world. It’s very entertaining and

Life saving, informative. WHen you get to this site scroll

down to the bottom of the page and it

will say ” Music/hip-hop: “THe Cure by Masterhouse 2006”




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