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Black man who is an expert in computer security and hi-tech crimes! He invented a tracking device for stolen computers!


Computers are my favorite gadgets,

especially laptops. I have always

wondered why people have not always

made laptops instead of desktops.

Desktops are good, but Laptops

are greater. But I just figured

that laptops would be easier to make

because they are smaller than

desktops. But maybe it’s harder

to make laptops since they have

to organize these parts so tightly

into one space to make a computer.

Right now, I’m going to get

right into discussing Gregory Evans.

Gregory Evans is a Black man,
an innovator, publisher, industry

leader, and expert on computer

security and hi-tech crimes.

THis man is sitting on top of the world

with all that talent.

Mr. Evans is the founder of

LIGATT Security and the technology
Crimes Institute. Through this he

teaches more than 12 hi-tech

crime courses like computer
investigation and identity theft

to password cracking and recovery.
Thank God for him because he helps

people to get through the spyware

crap that they have to endure online.

Those spyware people ought

to be ashamed of themselves messing

up people’s computers. I wish there

was a way where you can trace back
to these people who send out spyware

to computers, sue them and get paid
a fortunate for their RIDICULOUS
tasks. It’s a sad day when people

can’t use their computer without
spyware messing it up. These are
so stupid leech people messing up
computers. But karma must come
back to them like a boomerang
like BAAM!

But back to this wonderful man

named Gregory EVans,
he teaches these classes throughout
Southern California at places like:
community colleges, universities and

within city government.
      Some of these schools include:  Chaffey College,
Santa Monica College, Irvine Valley College,
Cal. State Los Angeles, Pepperdine University,
Rancho Santiago College,
 and Cal State San Marcos.

Before he founded LIGATT, he was the

founder of the publicly traded
computer security company “THE
Cyber Group Network Corporation
which specialized in stolen
computer recovery.

Being the CEO of the company, MR.

Evans designed and invented the
first wireless tracking device
called the Electronic Snitching
device. The device is simply
called esnitch (

E-snitch can detect a computer

theft anywhere in the world within

50 feet. Gregory Evans also designed, a free

website that lets people report
the loss of a computer.

              While at the helm of the

Cyber Group NEtwork, Mr. Evans
also designed Password protection
Information retrieval Technology.
PPIRT is the first security software
of its kind that has a 2,048 bit
encryption program and computer
recovery technology. PPIRT’s
ability involves tracking stolen

computers over the internet
and across landline telephones.

            By 2000, Gregory produced and co-hosted

one of the first radio talk shows
concerning hi-tech crimes “Cyber

Crime Radio”, which was broadcast in
the 2nd largest radio market in the
country on KIEV in Los Angeles, CA.
In addition, it was heard across
the world through the internet use.

           Gregory specializes in media outlets

such as “The History Channel’s Modern

Marvels, where he showed the

capabilities of computer
surveillance and destruction of
cyber terrorism.
        Mr. Evans has taken on the role of expert
consultant to SUn Newspapers, LA
Times, USA Today, Wells Fargo Business

Journal, CEO Watch, Black Enterprise,
JEt Magazine and more.

          Mr.Evans is the author of the books:

Hi-Tech Hustler, Laptop Security Short &

Simple, Hi-tech Hustler Scrap Book and
the Spyware Reference & Study Guide.
          In Los Angeles California, Mr. Evans
talks on the 2nd largest radio market
in the United States. He is on Monday
through Firday on KNX 1070 informing
people of how they can protect themselves
from becoming the victims of hi-tech
crimes. Mr. Evans is also a member
of:Computer Security Institute, the

 the California Association of License Investigators,
and the Publishers Marketing Association.


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