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Shauntese Curry Trye-A black woman attorney who practices Family law!

It’s so many types of lawyers.

I guess people choose what type of

lawyer they want to be based on the

issues that matter to them most. Well,

Shauntese Curry Trye is an attorney who

practices family law and deals with

divorce, custody and visitation issues,

as well as real estate, tax foreclosures,
and trusts and Estates.

Tyre has trial and appellate

experience both in all the aspects

of family law and she practices law

all throughout Baltimore. THis includes

Howard County, Anne Arundel County, and
Prince George’s County (MAryland).

Mrs. Tyre has represented 100s of
people in civil proceedings which
cover the whole range of family law.

Mrs. Tyre has supported people in
adopted proceedings, like adult
guardianship/adoptions prior
to forming Trye Abou & Joseph LLC.
She was an associate with the law
firm called Hochberg, Costello & Baron
iN Townson, Maryland.

Mrs. Trye earned her law degree
from the University of Baltimore
School of Law and her Bachelor’s
degee from Rutgers University. She
practices in the state and
federal courts of Maryland.

This makes me think about the

mock trials we had in high school.

But anyways, that’s great how

she’s so skilled, she’s versatile.



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