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You can Look up patent number on this site showing the cure for AIDS, or ask librarian to look it up with this information!

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I’m glad to be able to provide with
additional details on the cure for
AIDS. The devil is MAD. I am happy
because the
cure for AIDS is going
to save lives. This is the site
where you can look up the CURE
for AIDS, how it was made, and
who made it all on the same page.

Uspto.Gov is the site with the CURE For AIDS.
SO I went to the site:
Clicked patents,clicked search patents
clicked patent number search
Type 5676977 and click search AGAIN
and it shows the method of curing AIDS
and the fact that Antelman; Marvin S.
invented the cure for AIDS.ALl of those
steps take you to this link:…676977&RS=PN/5676977

For those who you know or meet that
don’t have a computer canget information
on the US Special Virus Program from the

Here is how you can get the progress reports
on the US Special Virus Program:

The US Special Virus Program is accessible through World Catalog Database.

Call s Librarian and Ask him or her to look into the World Catalog Database and put in
Special Virus Cancer Program.

What you will find through the public
library system are 8 of 15 progress reports of the US Special Virus Program that are accessible to the public through the public library system.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and spreading

For the video on ” AIDS:made in the USA”, “THE United States of AIDS “video,

“THe US Special Virus ANnual Progress Reports”, “AIDS: MIracle in Canada“,

“The 1971 U.S. Special Virus Flowchart”, “State Origin: The Evidence of the

Laboratory Birth of AIDS”, “State Origin Ebook & U.S. Special Virus Archives

on Multimedia”, go to this direct link:


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