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Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa (a book about face paint and decorations from nature on the face to top it off)

Well, nature is so naturally beautiful.

NO pun intended. Many times people love to

bring nature into their homes. That starts

with the flowers and even the seashells.

But now, think about nature as a body

art. Black Africans have been known

to do face painting. The book I’m talking

about is face painting with things found

in nature that’s on the face too.

          The picture says it all (the cover of the book).

I really think it marvelous how the

face paint is done on her, the leaves

on her head.

              Ethiopia’s Omo valley has

fabulous rites and traditions that

have been going on there 1,000s

of years. The nomadic peoples who

live there have body painting as

a specialty. They took things

for nature and decorated their

faces. Hans SIlvester has taken

the time to give a collection of

photos from his multiple trips.

There are a WIDe range of plants

so there is more and more room for

creativity, just like I see on the

book’s cover. Creativity….

There are leaves, roots,

sea pods, flowers, etc. The

The decorations are topped off

with butterfly wings, buffalo

horns, boar’s teeth, colorful

feathers, etc. You see that

type of art kinda makes me hungry.

It’s quite similar to a cake,

trying to decide what ingredients

you can add to it to get the exact

flavor you want. Just like when

they add things to their body

art, they are thinking what can

I do to make this complete? on

point, right on, exact….

ANyways, please do check out this