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The Pride of African American History (A book with over 1,100

Well, I could never get ENOUGH of black history. I just crave more of it, more than the most delicious foods. Black History is my favorite subject, so great that it’s like the air I breathe type of Important. So, I would like to talk about this book “THE PRIDE OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY”. What I love about this book IT has over 1,100 US PATENTS for inventions of AFRICAN AMERICANS. It talks about African AMericans inventing pace maker controls, nuclear reactors, ac, propeller, pain relieving drugs, three stage rockets. J Gregory, a black man invented the defroster, ALexander Miles a Black man invented the elevator. ALexander Miles went the EXTRA mile in his THINKING. BUT he did not want to WALK the EXTRA MIle. ANd that is quite understandable. THe contributions of Us Black People are endless. My BLack people have inventions in categories like science, warfare, technology and MANY MANY MANY MANY more areas. I believe without a doubt it would be a great purchase. With over 1,100 patents of BlACK inventors, it can’t be nothing but the best. I would bet money on that. That kinda book is irresistable. I’m happy just hearing about this book. There are black physicians, scientists and inventors discussed in this book. source:…can+american+history