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Find out how money has hidden 911 pictures!

Money is used to buy so many things

as we know. Some people go to the

extreme for many and some are level

headed saying it’s not everything.

IT’s great to have, but there are

things more imporant than money.

But anyways, I would like to

tell you about how the US 20 Dollar

bill has hidden pictures of the

World trade center and pentagon


Look at the back of the 20 dollar

bill and fold the bottom up to the top.

If you fold it till it looks like a paper

Airplane ou will see the Pentagon in

the money going a blaze.

If you flip it over, you will see

the smoke Black as night streaming

from the videos.

If you fold the 20 dollar bill

into 4 sections like a paper fan, ou

will see it spells out OSAMA.

911 is the date this terrorist

attack happened as we KNOW.
So you add 9+11, which is 20.

So we see how 9/11 represents

the 20 dollar bill.

oh and there are plenty more

facts in the video. Go here to

see them all: