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History of the African Comb! How it ties in to black power and it’s other meanings!

There’s so many hairstyles to choosefrom. IT just depends on what you

like. Hairstyles are like art.

How many ways can you design your hair?

The human mind can be very creative.

A Black African woman

is wearing a coiffure in crest form.

It has ornaments and a comb.

Those kinda hairstyles remind me of

hair shows.

So a coiffure is made at its best

with decorations like cowries, beads,

mother of pearl buttons, medals,

silver pieces, amber balls,metal

rings, pins of wood, bone or ivory.

In the West African Sahel


the Fulbe and Peul culitivate those

most marvelous of hairstyles.

I really truly love this hairstyle.

Do check out this lovely style here:


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