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Statistics say Black immigrants at the State University of New york have a higher educational attainment than whites and whites do more crime than black people!


It’s amazing what statistics say.

There are statistics for so many things.

But I just want to let you know some

statistics you will NOT hear everyday.

So it’s all fresh, it’s all new information.

Comparison of 2000 census status
data by sociologists at the Mumford
Center, State University of NEw York

at Albany, Black immigrants from

Africa had the highest educational

attainment of any population group

in America including WHITES and


Look at us black people…

Black people in Queens New York

make MORE money than whites. This is

what they really really want to hide

the most I BET because it’s a money issue.

80% of pedophiles are non hispanic

white men!

EMotional Intelligence

describes ability, capacity, or

skill to perceive, assess, and manage

the emotions of one’s self or others

and of groups. WHITE FOLKS score

the LOWEST on those tests. YEs,

there you have it. I read somewhere

that melanin causes people to be

more warm and feeling. THe other

race can feel. BUT melanin makes

BLack people more warm and loving.

This is what I read and this explains

those results. So wow, yes I definitely

connect the facts.

White men are the group of people

who committ the most suicide because

they lack coping skills.

According to the 2005 study

of college students white people

are far more likely to drink.

Whites drink 3 times more per

week than blacks. (Oh yeah, I did

see that one white guy bring

3 carton cases of beer into a

store. So he was one of them. )

50% more whites are likely

to drink until they hangover.

70% of whites drink so much they


Ok, I’m just going to say that

people go crazy without melanin ALOT

of times.

White people are twice as

likely to do drunk driving. WHite

men drove drunk 85 million times in

1993. (This is probably because

they can and if they get stopped

they’ll tell the cops I’m white

keep going)

IT was 5.8 million black men

to do drunk driving. (YEt blacks

are stopped so much. Just recently

I heard about a friend’s relative

that was stopped for driving while

black. He was just on his way

to college. See, ain’t that devil

messing with him. So he had to

explain to the officer he was

on his way to college. He got the

ticket anyway. THey had to go file

a complaint on that stupid “B”


See, every time you see a

a racist white person it is

because of their guilt. Alot

of whites but NOT All are doing

the same bad things they say

black people are doing.

Next statistic:

A 2005 study of the Department of

Health and Human services shows

that 74% of drug users are

white folks. Only 14% of drug users

are black. 9.7 million whites

use illegal drugs in AMerica
and 1.8 blacks do this. (Now we know why they

try to label drugs as a black thing

when it’s really NOT. It’s the white


Ok, for more statistics on white and

black, who does more of what,

see the video because that’s only

some of the statistics mentioned in

the video. THank you.



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