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American Idol does more than just sing, they are giving back to Black Africans! Much Applause!

American Idol

The people in Africa need food. They

are hungry and they need help. I can’t

imagine going a day without eating, not

one day and some of them have the longest

time without food. It’s a collective effort.

We need to help them. I found out that

American Idol is helping Black Africans.

You can call Call 1 877 IDOL AID (1 877 436 5243) to do a credit card donation.

AMerican Idol is giving back.

They offer you an opportunity to give

to help Black Africans too.

The donation money is $20,$50,$100,$250

20 dollars give a day’s worth of nutritious

and hot meals as well as snacks for 3 kids

in a feeding program. $50 is used for 5 nets
of enough malaria pills to save about 100 kids
from it.

$100 gets a years worth of food for one
orphan in Kenya

$250 gets the kids books for a year for
3 kids at the after school reading program.

They ask for people to please send MONEY
ORDERS not cash.

I’m so happy to hear about this.

I found out about the donation because

my mother told me what American Idol is

doing. So I ran to see them talking

about donating via tv. Kudos to everyone

in American Idol that’s helping with this

and to all the people who have donated

or will donate. Kudos to American Idol

Judges for doing this.