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China’s first people were BLACK African people NOT CHinese folks!


See, all this fun stuff people are

discovering make me want to be a historian.

Researching and finding out information

on Black History is justice. When I get

the opportunity to be a historian, I’m

going to be so passionate about that

position because I’m already passionate

about Black History.

So, i would like to introduce

Dr. joseph rock, who is a Representative

from the United States Department of

Agriculture. He discovered Black people

in the Southern part of china. Those Black

people are called Nakhi (Na means Black.

Khi means man) The Nakhi have been

living in China for So so long it’s been

centuries. But guess what? THe media

does not show them. ( See how important it is

travel and see what you missing out on

and discover new facts about our Black people)

MOst of the Nakhi live in Lijiang in the

Yunnan province. This particular area
is in the southwestern part of China.
It is officially claimed the Nakhi
territory as Lijiang Nakhi Autonomous

Dr Rock devoted many years to studying

the culture of the Nakhi. That’s how he

was able to write a 2 volume book called

The Ancient Nakhi Kingdom of Southwest China.

Oh and many people like to ask about

the Nakhi. THey ask how did the Nakhi

get to China. The Answer is THEY were

ALREADY there. The first people to

live on this world were BLACK Africans.

(Real life is so so interesting. That’s

why people make movies about real

life situations and history)

By 1987, geneticist said that

an African eve who lived 160,000 years

ago was the last common ancestor of all

people. Without fossil record data, no one

could know what she looked like. But they

know she was BLACK. There were 3 human

skulls that go back to African Eve’s era.

These are known as the the first Homo

sapiens fossils. The Brains are huge.

The evidence shows that humans came

from Africa ONLY.

Fossils of Black people have been

found in the china provinces of Szechwan and Kiangsi . These remains date all the way

back to the Upper Pleistocene Era. In the

Northern China area of Choukoutien, the

remains date back to the Upper Paleolithic

and Mesolithic Era.

THe Sahara is buried under tons of

sand 7000 years ago. IT used to be

the home of African culture. Being

too crowded, impending desert, and

alternative food sources led the groups

to leave. Black and red pottery, which

relates to the Proto Saharan culture

are found in Sudan of Africa, in INdia

as well as Henan and Gansu in China.

Morphological measurements of

Skeletal remains found at these areas

show that of people with African origins.

Proto-Saharan people spoke the Manding

language. This African language group

still lives on in Africa TODAY.