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Ivan Van Sertima-A black Historian tells how Black gods where worshipped by whites, how white people came to exist! (seen on a youtube video)


The Black Historian talks about this:

The Pink African is the beginning

of the White Europeans. The dry heat

gives people a narrow nose. Black Africans

are the FIRST people. Everybody else are

mutations. That’s what the science of it

is. The Pink African goes through many

changes. In cool air it’s great to have

long hair. If you are in heat, it’s best

to have short hair. Some people in Africa

have narrow noses and thin lips, some have

fuller lips and close cropped hair or

wavy hair. The Greeks thought Black

people were beautiful. First whites

were So surprised by Black Acheivements.

They associated intelligence with being

BLACK, a Black person. So therefore,

the whites worshipped ISis, a Black


First off, Europe worshipped

a Black Christ. Whites only came up

with calling Black people bad things

later in life.

The first mother of mankind
is a Black woman. She is 140,000 years

old. She produced ALL RACES. It’s

just that the other races loss

their melanin.

Blacked OUt through Whitewash is
the book that talks about this:

When the first BLACK
African saw her child turned

out to be white, she saw her

child lost the Black melanin.

So those who lost melanin are

known as whites, which living

the Caucauses mountains. Whites

kept producing more of their own

and became the WHITE race.
There are even Black people

with natural blond hair and it’s

because of a genetic defect.

The Black Historian on youtube

talks about this:

Some people such as the Eskimos

stayed black.Vitamin D comes from the

sun. The Albino in his country

dies by the age of 30 years old.

MElanin is the black or brown color

that protects you from suns rays.

IN Parts of Australia and South

Africa, white folks in those areas

have SKIN CANCER. Somali, are pure

BLooded Africans.



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