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Ivan Van Sertima-Black Historian tells about the fact that Blacks built pyramids but Japanese could not get the pyramids made just like Black people!

The race that’s not Appreciated

enough is the Black Race. The reason

why we are not appreciated enough

is because we have the most intellect, wisdom,

spirituality, and everything else that’s

great. Alot of times when people get

talked about for no reason they end

up being brilliant people. They end

up being people who get up high

on the ladder and shine for everyone

to see.

The University of Paris rejected

Cheikh Anta Diop’s thesis even though

it was TRUTHFul. The University of Paris

wanted his book Great African Thinkers

after he died. Japanese built the

great hand made tools Black Egyptians

used to cut the stone. Japanese could

not cut stones. THey needed to

allign the stones, but When The Japanese

took the stone off the steamboat,

it sank in the mud. When they dragged

out of mud, it sank in the sand.

The Black Egyptians put the stones

in a complex allignment. Yet, the Japanese

used Airhack jackers and used steamboats

and used cranes and then they used helicopters.

They had to give it up because they could

not duplicate the pyramids how the

Black Egyptians did it. The Japanese

tried to put the stones in a perfect

allignment, but the stones cracked.

If you see the pyramids, the Black

Egyptians alligned the stones of

the pyramid WITHOUT a crack.

You want to know the ridiculous

excuse whites come up with they

talk about the melanin in Egyptians?

They say the dark skinned people

where White and they just became

DARK by the sun. THat is a LOAD OF

Bull. That will never be true. WHite

people CANNOT get melanin from the

sun. You’ve seen the skin cancer

pictures. Under the sun, white folks

turn pink. You can still tell they

are white.

Black Africans made pyramids

but there are no pyramids of other races.

This another one of the many points

that IVAN Van Sertima makes.

To be able to do something

no one else has done is one of the BIGGEST

honors in the world. Amen. Amen.

Ivan Van Sertima Civilizations

Before Greece and Rome Videos





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