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10 year old black boy who knows how to play the piano fast and on point !(Classical music)

Nice Piano

Posted April 13, 2008 03:34 AM
I took piano. So far, I know

how to do basic sight reading for

piano music. Playing by ear is not

something I’ve come to do just yet.

But it’s good to know at least the

basics on things.

But anyways, I want to talk about

this 10 year old black boy Jordan that has

the fastest fingers on the piano.

       He plays the piano with such supreme

speed not skipping a beat, just pure

perfection. He performs Frederick

Chopin, Classical music. He’s got

a terrific spirit and alot of heart

in his playing. This is a must see

performance. He plays like he has

years of experience.It’s truly remarkable.

I wonder when he started playing piano.


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