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African art influenced European art!

 black Queen

African art is the best typeand the shapes inspired both cubism

and other abstract art forms. They

need to mention this in art classes.

The best ideas started with

Black Africans. My quote about

African art “It’s taking the mind’s thought

and making it a visual.”


in existence to exist. The best

things go all the way back to our

Black ancestors history.

MOst traditional Africa tribal

religions are all about ONE GOD. In art,

God could not be represented. SO therefore,
the carvings were made of ancestors.

The African mask was carved

with the purpose of religion but

destroyed after. This is one

of the reasons few ancient African

art lives. Another reason is because

of the materials used in the sculpture

like clay and wood, which don’t survive


The first known African sculptures

originated in Nigeria. In the era of

1100 AD and 1300 AD Nigerian civilization

prospered and terrocotta sculptures

were found and appear lifelike.

African Art influences Western

Art. One of the works for example

influence by African art is Picasso’s

work. African masks

and sculptures

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