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African Art - Body Heat

Body Art is something that has MUCH

appeal. I have heard much about Black

Africans painting themselves red. It is

fun to switch up looks like that and

shows how multifaceted(versatile) people can be.

THere’s so many creative pictorials to

be made.

First, I will let you know that

African body art symbolizes an

person’s status, spiritual beliefs, or

ethnic affiliation.

Here is the dress of Black African


Hamar Bride is an agro pastoral tribe from

southwestern Ethiopia. This tribe is
Black African women dressing in skins

and pelts that have beads, cowries, and

metal on them.

Third,Shai, a Black African group uses

braiding as the main focus of their

rituals. Her headress is called cheia.

This particular hairstyle is made from

hoops of cane wrapped in blackened cord.

The headdress takes about 6 hours to finish

and will stay fresh a week long.
African body art is fantastic.Aww,
it is so so cute.

You can find this information by clicking
on the pictures at this site and even
reading the column of text to the left.



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