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African mapmaking is not talked about but is SO SO COMMON for BLACK AFRICANS!



As we know there are some whites

who like to hide BLACK talent. BUt

count on the internet to spill their

secrets over. ANd oops they keep on

slipping up. I’m glad they can’t hide

the truth about Black ACheivements.

Now, let’s see African mapmaking

does not get the complete

attention it deserves. Yet, Africa

has a legacy of mapmaking, it’s a

rich tradition.

Someone by the name of Bassett

talks about African maps as cosmographic,

mnemonic, body art, rock art, sand,

tapestry, village and kingdom maps

and maps that have been solicited by
European Explorers.

Body art mapping originated

from the Tabwa of the Democratic

Republic of Congo. THe kingdom of
Bamum in Cameroon in the beggining
of the 21st century was the location
of the most diligent mapmaking
businesses. ANd like the King
Njoya, the Bamum people created
an alphabet and undertook a major
topographic survey of the kingdom
that had 60 people who made 30
stops in more than 52 days.

BOth the form and content of the map

show the political use of the map.

The small marks on King Njoya’s map

put emphasis on the image of rule.

Njoya correctly grasped

the fact that African maps have

practical value in administrative and

diplomatic affairs.

African maps are known for being

social constructions with a form,
content and meaning that differs

with each maker. They come in the

Form of beads on a board and patterns

on tie dyed cloth.

View here:


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