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Step Afrika! Black group doing step dancing in the most beautiful clothes (youtube video)


Posted April 13, 2008 04:59 AM
Dancing is a great art of expression.

Tap, ballet, hiphop, it’s all good.

This particular group is having the time

of their lives.

Step Afrika is a group of Black people

doing stepping, which comes from

African AMerican fraternities and

based in African traditions. Step

Africa is loval to its stepping.

Step Afrika is composed of kicks,

stomps, and rhythms combined with

spoken word.

Let it also be known that

they tour worldwide. They have

been to school auditoriums, college

campus to major theater. The tour

involves 150 events and traveling

to 50 cities and foreign countries.

The members of this team

display their arts in education

activities, which are led by

artists with MUCH experience.

THe reason they step

is to entertain but just as well

to inform about the culture that

created stepping. Their motto is

“If we can dance together, then we

can work together”. They even

have festivals in South Africa.

They clap their hands and

stomp their feet, and snap their

fingers like the perfect tap dance.

Can you imagine how many calories they

burn while having so much fun daning?

Watch as they put words to


This is their website with their information:


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