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Umbrella song Dazzles and Mesmerizes-poem written by me about Rihanna’s song Umbrella!


“Umbrella Song Dazzles and Mesmerizes”

Umbrella song by Rihanna is a powerhouse, power tool of music
with a catchy vibe and rhythm that sticks, any and every part
can be analyzed, its like a form of music and voice that’s
maximized, Wow! What a song! That’s super-different and

super-distinctive, It’s one of the best songs that the music
industry can give, My everyday song cause I play it loud
everyday, Voice and background music are provided that send
energy to a level that is heightened,

It would go up on a
lever, it would go up a ladder, This song Umbrella works
such wonders, Its so much bigger and better than any
scale so much that it would break a scale, Rihanna’s voice
is so dazzling, sparkling, and sparks leftover energy
inside of me, Ta da! What an outstanding elegance in her
words ella ella eh eh and her stance,

Jumping musical
hurdles its so magical it takes my mind to the most moving
place where what is impossible now is finally possible
any place, The song evokes the greatest feelings, and
talks about the strong bond in friendship, family and
romantic dealings, every word, line, every musical
note, and the voice are all so divine,

To hear the song makes
me feel lifted like an elevator does and going up the escalator,
The audio magic is like what most people want to experience
in the physical enviornment day to day, And now to me
umbrellas are not just simple objects anymore,

The way
Rihanna and her music puts such a mesmerizing memorable
spin on them will last with me forevermore, In my mind
planet earth spins to her high note, I’ll be all you need and
more from her song I quote,

To sing such a song gives
One pride in the act like the highest standing banner, It’s
my exercise song, I like to play it long and especially
on automatic,

Umbrella song gives the vibe of a slide
in slideshow type of cool, Umbrella song has such happy fuel!


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