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Black students at the African centered school has better scores than state averages!

Kwanzaa Barbie Doll

There’s just NOT enough BlackSchools. I mean they have plenty down

south, but I wish there were more Black

Schools all over the world. Plus if

they had these kind of schools everywhere

they are more encouraged to us bLack


JS Chick elementary school is a school



African Americans

see themselvesas leaders. At that African School, test

scores go beyond state averages.

They raise their right hands

and guarantee that they will do their

very best to honor Malcolm X. They

create a collage and essay about him
that involves his life as a civil

rights leader,Muslim,etc.

There is a student leader. They

march in place with one of their arms

lifted.They pledge an Affirmation of unity.

Working together will help them win.

The curriculum as well as interactions

with teachers and parents involves

Black History and the Diaspora.

The success of the school is

based on test scores, which are ABOVE

state average. That I just had to

mention again. Their success is also

from the fact that they see themselves

as entrepreneurs and contributos to

the community. This school relies



family involvement

and developingcurriculum and


teaching skills

toshow students strengths.

And with the thrown together Black

history all these other schools give

us, this really helps us Black people.

Their curriculum involves the Ancient
Black African civilizations.

Teachers announce those students

who hae gotten rosettes, which are

awards for attendance, academics, and

great behavior. So that shows off their



self determination

.The purple rosette is the highest

level, which was earned by one of the

Students named Aliyah. Parents

even talk about their children growing

here, getting confidence, and coming home

ready and excited to work.



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