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African textiles of Many kinds! (book about African textiles)


All the arts and crafts Black Africans are
known for doing is fabulous. So imagine
AFrica and saw the hand crafted


textiles from each area. 5 sections

go into detail about the textile history

and customs of Africa’s big geographical

areas to look closely at materials

dyes, decorations, patterns, and methods.

THis goes from the stripweave cloth of

the Ashanti to the Ethiopian

embroidery. It also continues with

berber rugs

to the Madagazan silk.
So this is just an outline on


what you will find in this book:


Ewe Stripweaves

Yoruba lace weave

Tie and dye

Stitched resist

machine stictched resist

Stenciled starch resist

Mali mud cloths.

So you can basically learn about

how these African designs are made.

Sounds choice.









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