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Comcast to Launch Black News Network in 2009!

Like it?  I do.

I’ve always wanted to see

a Black News Network for the Missing Black

women, BLack men,Black children, Black people

of every age. I would just be so HAPPY if

they were found. MEdia does not give Enough

attention to missing BLACK People. BUt
if they air missing Black people on

this network,that would be wonderfuL!
I wonder what kinda news will be on

the show.

So to hear about a Black

Television News Channel creating a Black

News NEtwork with comcast. THat’s


So Black Television News

Channel in Washington DC has made it

known that it has a multi-year

agreement with Comcast cable to

distribute in black based systems.

This will be in 2009. The network

was created by JC WATTS Jr, a black

man who was a former US Congressman.

So we will be able to see news programming

with an African American view.

This would be the first cable

service to give 24 hour news in honor

of us African Americans. So this program

does what BET and TV ONE does not. It

says that BET and TV One give short news

briefs throughout the day.

They coming to tv with live

access to the stories and people

in whom we take interest in hearing about.

So, this man really is planning on

the best to come.



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