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ITs best not to Support the Fools at Planned Parenthood, BECAUSE they specifically aim abortion at BLACK BABIES!

Posted April 16, 2008 06:21 PM
oh yeah, they wish they had such

beautiful babies. The best looking

baby in the world is a BLACK BABY.

They even show the conversation

they had talking about giving

money to specifically abort Black

babies. So you know Planned Parenthood

is targeting abortion for Black babies.

And I want this word to get around

so that BLACK people do NOT go

to Planned Parenthood. THe children
are the future and we keep

the black babies safe from that

sick racist crap! People with

those motives against Black babies

don’t know what could happen to them!
Karma! Just for their sick behavior

They could have something come back
on them 1 billion times as worse

as what they sent out. I think

they just MAD because the white

population count is falling but

there’s NO REASON in the world
to take it out on Black babies.


another url where they talk about Planned
Parenthood people wanting to ABORT black babies!


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