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How African American hair and math tie in together!


Hairstyles that look good make us women
feel great as we know. There’s just something about
 hair that dominates a look. Even a person with
average clothes can still look great if they have
a stunning hairstyle.
But most of the time we want the hairstyle and clothes to match.
SO it’s super super special! With all the hairstyles there is we
can be choosy.  My mother told me a Woman’s hair is her glory.
This is the truth to the upmost. Men care about their hair too as you
already know.
          IT’s a Given that hair has been looked upon

the most from a scientific viewpoint. Do you ever think about how
hair ties into math? Here it is: I’m going to lay this out like
a deck of cards.
               Just like there are patterns in a beehive, there is patterns
in hair. The black woman is modeling braids in the form of a
Beehive look. THe beehive look is just the way its parted.
But my opinion of this hairstyle, it’s pulchritudinous (beauteous).
Then you know what? This hairstyle can also be seen as
similar to a pineapple because of the parting.
                  Moving on to box braids. The tesselations you will see on the
site have boxes shapped like rectangles. The pattern looks like the
brical wall beginning two boxes at the nape of hte neck. They are
increasing by one box at each level further away from the neck area.
The hair inside the box was drawn to the point of
where it intersects diagonals of the box. Braids where braided there.
                          Next, triangular braids were in the form of equilateral
triangles and the pattern is similar to the one in figure 3b on the website.
THe hair in the triangle was drawn to a place where intersection
of the bisectors of the angles of the triangle.
             Hair is so interchangeable in style. I know the hairstylist
must feel jovial because they get paid to do others hair and
can do their own. That just makes everything much easier.

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