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I’m on the Lookout :Discover other African American blogs and Submit your own African AMerican blogs all in one spot!



Okay, I really enjoy finding information about Black 

History so I’m always on the lookout for the best and quality

information on Black History. So I typed African American

blogs and found  this search engine for Black Blogs. This

search engine is for a variety of blogs but surely you can

submit African American blogs. There are categories for

African American blogs like other topics. So I see a list of

African American blogs when I go to when I type

African Americans into the search box. So depending upon

your taste you may find some you like. These blogs talk

about the black issues and what us black people think. so

here is a great chance to explore. Go to You

can even register your blog there. That’s more exposure for

Your Blog. If you do happen to register, they will show

buttons where people can add your blog to favorites, share

your blog, subscribe through rss feed, rate, and review your

blog. They even have a photo of the blog’s site. So go to the

site and see exactly what I’m talking about.

The site is so great I just had to let YOU know

about it. I dig the whole setup.That

 site again is:



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