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THe accessories and jewelry of Black Africans!

Hand crafted African long necklace

       The way to learn more about ourBlack people in Africa is to learn

what they made, what they use. These

artifacts can take your mind back to

a certain time, and a piece of Africa

for your mind.

It is phenomenal how our Black African

people have items that they make

composed of other items. It’s

really good to see the combinations

of jewelry, beads and material

they group together to form

patterns. It’s even more interesting

to see the finished product.

Animals as we know are used for

food and clothes. The African bag is

formed out of goat hide turned inside

out. Their knapsack type bag they have

has beadwork, bells, coins, and thimbles.

Oh, and here I am getting

to the Himba Anklet. I have never

see an anklet so HUGE. But our Black African

people wear them. Married Himba women

have these particular large sized

anklets that would be like long

bracelets here in America. These anklets

are made of iron beads and put on

a leather support structure. These

type of anklets represent wealth and

were worn every day.

Then The Xhosa Nursing Charms

are worn as a sign that the mothers

are nursing.

We have all seen aprons so

many times. The ones at the store

in our country America displays

your typical average aprons. But

African aprons are beaded aprons.

The Kirdi are Black African people

of farming communities of Northern

Cameroon and Southern Chad that
create these aprons.

Black History classes should

talk about Black African artifacts. There

are African artifacts galore, so you

can have alot of fun learning about them. All
these African arts remind me of the

song Mama Africa by Akon considering

the richness and the best things coming

from Africa.



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