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The Kakakiki KombBrush was made for Black people to massage the scalp, prevent hair loss, and do it’s job!

africans socccer

           There’s nothing like  a head massage, ormaybe a foot massage is better.

             But to relax your mind

the head massage is best for headaches

and just to

relax. Think about the combs and brushes you’ve

used so far. Then think about this comb/brush.

From the summary of what this comb is for, I have

introduce this comb as “The way to black hair care”.

The comb look it would slide across the hair

like a roller skater with skates on.

This particular comb sounds like the best kept

comb secret since it is rare ( great like a tasty

homemade recipe).

THe Kakakiki KombBrush is used to untangle our Black Hair.

The Kakakiki Kombbrush is the ideal model for us

African American women, and African American men, and

Black children. The Kakakiki comb/brush was created by

a specifi African Amerian engineering firm looking out

for our BlACK hair.

This is the first comb known made in honor

of us Black people. That comb has a matrix formation

of the single tinelike bristles. This brush untangles

a lot of hair at one time. This kakakiki comb/brush

has smooth and round tines to PREVENT catching

and breaking African hair.

The whole build of this comb detangles

kinky, wooly, wavy, coarse, thick, and curly Black African hair.

Also, It also uses a massage therapy that relaxes the scalp.

So it’s like a two for one special, doing what combs do

and massaging your hair/scalp.

Sounds like a winner. I mean just look at the comb, it

looks as relaxing as ever. I would like to put additional

emphasis that the comb was designed with US BLACK
PEOPLE in mind. Makes me think of

my quote I want to share with you: “The way we dress is a part of

the package, but our hair done correctly is the

complete package” Sound like something you would be

interested in? I give it a 2 thumbs up for the way it sounds.



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