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Have you heard of It’s a site where you get more media to black issues like missing black people, serious situations etc (Black women, Black men, Black children)



 (The above picture is a picture I got from is an ideal site.

It touches base on the black issues like

black people who have gone missing,

or any other situation that needs

attention and help. As we know the

media does not cover enough black stories.

             IT’s like if they hear of

these black stories, they keep it quiet

 like they are hiding these issues

in a safe or in a closet.

            But exposes what

the mainstream media will not

show. Jia is the lovely lady in charge

of the site who has made a wonderful

contribution of time, effort, and skill.

         Her site is truly something to cherish. So go ahead

to her site, get informed, and see if you have seen any of these people.

               It’s great if you have seen them,

but even if you have not seen them at least,

it’s great that you read their real life story.

Again, I would like to encourage you to subscribe.

Know this also, you can even submit stuff

about black people that needs attention

(serious situations of gone missing, or

anything else serious.) Jia, who came up with the

site is all about helping as you can see.

                 So here is the link:



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