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African Art Mosaic-Video tour of the art from UGanda

 kuba, cloth, african, art, textile, mud, kente

THe people of Africa and the
can be described as what your mind’s
Eye’ sees and projected.
The African art is a broad variety of
things. Whether you’ve been to this place

or not someone records the beautiful

art. They are walking through the

museum for you. They are giving you

the guided tour.

There are mosaics of giraffe.
These images is created from

dried bananas fibers and cut into

tiny pieces and glued onto woods.

You will see mosaics of

a man playing basketball, huts,

woman twirling stick,etc. It’s basically

art of the everyday Black African life.

The picture of the elephants with their

trunks wrapped around each other

makes them look like they are kissing

elephants. Even the texture of the

mosaics look like needle like stitches.

The music they have doing this

tour spices up the tour as well.



Notice how art is mostly light and then
some shadow areas. It’s more of that
then just light all over.

The Black African man is drawn

in as warrior. There’s even real bananas

in the scene. That’s like a surprise twist.

I never seen real bananas in a museum.

So the bananas is considered the 3D. It’s

the exhibit everyone should experience,

with this African art. On the last note, this video

looks like a teaspoon of what you would

experience if you ACTUALLY go there.


beauty of Africa itself is art. Art


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