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Mapapa Acrobats-African Acrobats at your screen!

 africans unite

Mapapa Acrobats are Black African Acrobats who were

born in Mombassa Kenya. They have performed in
Australia, China, Korea, Germany, France,
Italy and Spain. Their show’s length can get up to 60
minutes long. It’s what you would call circus acrobatics
with dance moves to African music. They’ve done
an NBA half time show booking and opened tours for
Monica, Blackstreet, etc.
          IT is rare to see traditional arts and circus
skills done African style but they do it. Involved in their
show are conga lines, skipping, acrobatics, limbo,
handclapping and laughter. Mapapa Acrobats have
done shows for NFL, NHL, MLB, and WNBA teams
and starting the 1999 World Cup of Soccer and
thePan AM Games.
                     Oh, I want to let you know
that they have performed at more than 300 festivals
like Nickelodian’s Summer kickoff, Central Park,
Summerstage, the Music Midtown Festival in
Atlanta and more. In their pictures, they are so
high in air that they stand and form a chandelier
pose. They are standing on each other
making that specific image form.
My black people we are a team.  Dance
and other forms of entertainment unites
us as we work together.

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