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Take action! Sign this form saying that protesters can protest for SEAN BELL at the National mall and don’t need any interference!


The people in the city see that the people who
know and love Sean Bell are grieving because of his death.
Now,   foolish people want to say that protestors
should not march at the
National Mall because it will 
 damage the grass and natural resources.
            Well, that’s got to be the dumbest thing because
their grass does NOT matter. IT was the life that
was taken that matters. THis is already an F”ed
up situation and they want to make their little
petty comments about grass.
               The protestors should be allowed
to protest wherever the heck they want to
protest. But in such horrible situations like
Sean Bell DYING, village idiots creep out
and open their mouth.
                  Do Sean Bell a favor even in his death,
please go sign the petition letting them know that this is
so ridiculous. Let them know what’s obvious, that these protesters
can protest anywhere, anyhow. This is your chance
to make a difference. I’ve already signed it and
included my information letting them know what’s up.
As soon as I saw the chance to voice my opinion on
this I hopped to it.
Take out the automatic message in the form
on that site below, and put in your own
message. Make it clear for them.
 THat’s what’s up. Thank you.

the sea


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