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Our Black Health, A black woman named Alexyss helps us to Find out how your food is made and where it comes from!

green apple
   This video is why health class needs to be

a required class in middle school, high school and college.
Just like we need to buy products we need to know math.
Just like we need to Know science because we breathe
our air. We definitely need to know our health. Science
class at my high school did not teach about health issues.
I think having a health class specifically will get people’s
attention. We need to eat and drink to live. So therefore
Health class should be a required class wherever it is
not. Watching the video Ask Alexyss, just makes me
think about how us Black people need health books.
             You see what you eat, but you don’t always
know the food’s condition. Everything bad usually
comes in beautiful package decorated, dreamy,
fresh looking.
           Alexyss even makes some points about
this in her video. She was talking a bout a green
apple that she did not eat because something was
wrong with. It did not look rotten on the outside
but it was something wrong on the inside of this apple.
Plus the texture gives away that something is wrong
with the apple. Find out what features of the apple
show it should NOt be in grocery stores. Then
reflect on how we need to be careful about what
we eat,.
             There are greedy people in the world
all about making money and not caring about
your health. I’m surprised Alexyss did not say
that the store was sued for selling unfresh food.
But anyways, that’s what these people do for
money making food look fresh on the outside
to get you in, to get people to keep chewing
and buying and damaging themselves. It’s
almost like you have to investigate your
food. It’s not a fun process, people should
be able to pick up quality food, but with the
mind state of people being money hungry
we need to question what brand our food is,
where it’s coming from and even its price
if food prices go up. But I’m going to tell you this,
I was over a friend’s house and her mother told
me that diet drinks have an embalming ingredient
in them. Wow! I was so surprised, now comes
the expression “WAtch what you eat”, not ONLY
for weight loss, but so so much for your health.

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