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500 Black men graduating Morehouse college (VIDEO for you to see on youtube)!

Attention over here to these BLack men. The graduating

of one level is the beginning of another. This is actually worthy of
media just like all the great things my Black people
do. I describe this moment as momentous.
We need more shows and media circulating
these moments. The 500 African American Men Graduating
are there and sing the Star Spangled Banner.
IT’s about achievement and togetherness.
To walk the stage and get the feeling that
you got something completed as big
as college feels so good,. Oh, I wish I
was a senior or already graduated.
I’ll get my 4 year degree. IT’ just takes
time. But anyways, these Black men
stand with pride about coming to the
end of this journey. The man announces
the graduating men. I’m happy for them.

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